At the speed of light!

How can we capture the speed of light in just one shot using the Horizon?

On this occasion, we are going to see how the Horizon captures the movement of the light coming from the metro wagons in Barcelona. The first thing that you have to consider is that the camera has to be on a tripod or supported by something else (a bench, a flat surface, the floor, etc) and should not be moved at all. Second thing and also very important is that the speed of the shot must be set to slow. Then, we get comfortable, we look around and we hope that we will be able to hear the whistle of the coming train. We prepare ourselves, we aim… and shoot!

There you have it, as easy as that.

written by lomospain on 2010-06-17 #gear #tutorials #tripod #light #barcelona #metro #tipster #horizon-perfekt #quickie-tipster
translated by bigbadwolf

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