Make your Colorsplash Camera an MX Camera


Since I haven’t seen a Tipster for this one, but now you can learn it!

Make you Colorsplash Camera a MX Camera is very simple. You only need a external flash. You can use the Holga CFN or DianaFlash. With Holga or Diana Flash is most simple because you don´t need shoot a photography for flash. The Diana Flash has a button to activate the flash without having to be dependent with the camera.

Now…The Step by Step!
1. Make sure you are in a place with a little bit of light, dark indoors is the best.
2. Set your Colorsplash in “B”, because we need long exposure.
3. Turn on the external flash that you´ll use
4. Press the Colorsplash Camera shutter and shoot the external flash
5. For the second exposure, release the shutter in your Colorsplash to work the flash.
6. And……..Ready!!!

You can shoot the external flash many times for more exposures. You always must make sure you are in a dark place. If you don´t, you photography could be over exposure because the shutter is open for many seconds.

Good luck!!!

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