Knowing Your Brand New Spinner 360º


We are going to tell you our first impressions after “spinning” 3 films with our latest acquisition! Just to encourage you: it’s fun, strange, it spins, people stare at you even more strangely….it’s crazy!

What can we say? We saw it, we fell in love and bought one of the first ones received in Argensola Street Lomoshop in Madrid. Just when we got out of the shop, having a seat in next door Starbucks, we prepared the camera with a film and went out to began shooting.

At the beginning you are a bit afraid of pulling the ring at the end of the cord in case it breaks (it won’t), and you’ll try to keep the camera completely horizontal while to take pictures…
Imposible, at least at the beginning, because in our case the cord was very tough. Don’t worry, it will become swifter, just as lomographer.

If there is a camera to follow “Lomography Rules”, it’s the “Spinner 360º”!

Just get it out, enjoy it and leave people astonished, because if you don’t do well in a picture, be sure that someone else will do worse! (Lots of people can appear in 360º…)

And, if not…they’ll be shocked!

And remember…change the camera tab to rewind mode to avoid breaking the rubber ring!

If you already have it, we won’t say anything more; if not…you’ll fall in love!

Spin, spin, spin, spin…………

written by pingus on 2010-12-21 #gear #review #camera #try #release #spinner-360 #user-review
translated by pingus


  1. coolsigg
    coolsigg ·

    makes me want to bring my spinner for my next holiday! i m hesitating because of the bulk!

  2. hiiee
    hiiee ·

    I took it to Japan and Bali, and then I didn't put the film properly and didn't capture one single photo! SOB!

  3. limnidytis
    limnidytis ·

    I bought one - it's an interesting camera. Here's a photo -
    There are one or two more in my Flickr feed, if you're interested. We've had a lot of snow recently and I've been trying to capture snow pictures. However, I've noticed when it's below 20°F the spinner mechanism tends to bind and not spin all of the way around. I'm not sure if it's the lube used on the mechanism or that if it's the drive belt, which seems very stiff in cold weather. I've been thinking about taking the camera apart to try and re-lube it with some low temperature grease. Anyone have any insights into how to disassemble the camera?

  4. limnidytis
    limnidytis ·

    OK, so I did some more experimentation with the camera inside and outside in 10-20°F (-12°C). I believe the problem is that the drive band (the big O ring) contracts and/or becomes very stiff in cold weather. I need to find a substitute for the O-ring, either slightly larger or made of some cold tolerant material.

  5. limnidytis
    limnidytis ·

    I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have any idea what the AS568A dash number is for the o-ring that's used as the drive band? Measuring O-rings is impossible without special tools and I would like to get a slightly larger o-ring and preferably one that tolerates low temperature better. A slightly smaller diameter o-ring would also be better as the provided o-ring is really tight in the grove of the handle. With the spec # is easy to change the size.

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