Favourite PHOTOLABS in Canada eh!


From the East Coast in Halifax, to Southern Ontario I’ve had quite a few experiences with different photolabs in my travels from Australia to Canada and beyond but these are just two of my favorite photolabs in Canada. They’ve never lost a film, I’ve never had one come back blank and always meet expectations.

When i first came to Halifax on the East Coast of Canada a couple of years ago doing my Bachelor of Fine Art at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design I found that if you wanted something done well, and quickly, it came at a higher price than some of the competitors or doing it yourself but if quality and speed were what you were after then Atlantic Photo Supply was where you went.

By the time I went back there (after going home to Australia to graduate and save up money to travel) most of the supermarket type competitors were gone and it was down to just them and the favorite of most students in town, Carsand Mosher. They closed their downtown location in March and since then Atlantic Photo on Spring Garden Rd has been the place to go for everyone, including 90% of the professional photographers on the East Coast. The only lab left downtown able to process colour in an hour, on high quality photographic paper. They have a large range of films in stock and if you have a specific one in mind they will endeavor to order it and get it in for you.

The only downside is that, like most places these days they don’t do E6 (slide film) or Black and White processing on site but will send it off for you and have it back in around 10 days without charging postage fees. Having colour 35mm or 120 negs developed in an hour or scanned to cd for $10 in a day is very nice.
They do a range of other services in store as well like selling cameras, some Lomography cameras can even be ordered in, they do basically whatever size print you can think of and even print on acrylic, canvas and a beautiful paper called William Turner which is like watercolour paper.

Here is the link to their website

Since moving to London, Ontario, half way across the country I have found things to be a little bit more expensive but still just as good quality at the local photo lab called Stan C Reade photo. With extremely friendly service (after only going there a few times they already knew my name) and slide, colour and black and white processing on site how can you go wrong?

They have a (what looks like to me) pretty scarce looking assortment of cameras and accessories but a large range of used equipment which I’m sure would get the heart racing of many Lomographers. Expired film being sold and very low prices and a small amount of darkroom supplies is also a great draw in of this little store. Here is the link to their website.

The thing I think I like most about both stores is that they have both stood the test of time, Atlantic Photo since 1942 and Stan C Reade since 1956 and haven’t succumbed to the big box stores, online low prices or supermarkets. The service by the people that work there – Stan C even let me go back into their lab so I could use their dark box to get my Holga sprocket film out- and the convenience of these stores are what keep be going back time and time again.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Mmmm I have to react here, but don't take it personally...

    Here's my story. I use to go to Carsand-Mosher downtown. They were extremely nice people, ready to do any chemical experiment you wanted (ANY), ridiculously cheap, fast and talented (examples here: www.lomography.com/magazine/locations/2009/09/03/halifax-no…). When they closed, the lab chief (Kim, she became my buddy, always amused by my unusual process requests) gave me tons of chemistries. I'm still using them... This was the best lab I dealt with so far.
    After their closure, I went to see Atlantic Photo store. From the moment I entered the shop I had the same feeling as in many other photo labs: They know better than you, whoever you are. They're not here to help you, but rather accept to take your money if you beg them nicely. And their favourite word is 'NO'. Do you process slide films ? 'NO' (not even a sorry or anything polite, they're rude.)... About one month ago, I finished my bottle of fixer and called them to see if they could order some for me (I did this with many other labs), that I would come later to pick up. Hello, could you please order some chem... 'NO'. Pffff...
    So I called the other Carsand-Mosher, on Bayers lake (it's a long bus ride, but it's worth it, these are polite people), and a guy answered, was amused (again, feeling like home) that I wanted to order color C41 fixer, he went to ask the lab chief, and came back answering 'sure, what volume do you need'. Here's their address: www.carsand.com/storelocations.html
    They process E6 (and I think XPro too), and they might have student price like their downtown shop. So my advice is: buy a bus ticket and go to the right place.

  2. sergio_m
    sergio_m ·

    Been to Atlantic Photo but havent process any film there while i was in Halifax, they dint have any slide-in filters for my Lee holder, but i'm currently in Windsor, ON and havent fund yet any photo lab, Shoppers Drugmart for now will have to do

  3. erinwoodgatesphotography
    erinwoodgatesphotography ·

    Always great to hear other opinions!
    That was great of them to give you the chemistry and order it in for you and stuff.. I don't know if things have changed since I was living over there maybe, but I never had a problem, but then again I wasn't doing anywhere near as much analogue stuff then as I am now.
    Does anyone else have any recommendations for other Labs in Canada?

  4. troch
    troch ·

    If you are in Vancouver, ABC Photocolour at West 4th and Pine processes everything in house. They are friendly and helpful and know their quirky cameras. They sell a limited range of film and have always been willing to try special processing.

  5. princesstigerlily
    princesstigerlily ·

    There is a great photo lab in Saskatoon, SK. It's called Dom's Photography. The guys there are Lomo friends and tell you about their own adventures in analogue photography. And they know what they are doing when you get your photos developed. They even put little sticky notes in the ones they think are awesome!

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