Warhol's Actionsampler


A simple way to convert your Actionsampler so that you can take photos like the ones that Andy Warhol himself used to make.

One day, as I was looking at our Actionsampler, I started thinking about how I could achieve photos that are a little bit different with it and this is what came to my head. It is very simple to get a different colour in each square if you know how.

We are going to need:

  1. An Actionsampler
  2. Plastic transparency sheet (Acetate)
  3. Permanent markers in different colours
  4. Scissors

We cut the transparency at the size of the rectangle where the lenses are located. We divide it by four (so that it matches the lines between the lenses) and we dye 3 of the boxes with the permanent markers that give us the maddest effect. We also cut the square that is left un-dyed (so that this will give us natural colours). We now have something like this:

Now, we place it in the lenses’ rectangle…and we start shooting photos!!!

The best part is that you can take it off and put it on again as many times as you want during the shooting of the same roll of film, according to what effect you are looking for at the time.

Here are some of the photos that we have taken using this method. We hope that you like them!!!

written by pingus on 2011-06-08 #gear #tutorials #colour #mask #tipster #actionsampler #warhol
translated by bigbadwolf


  1. nural
    nural ·

    haha I did that!!

  2. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    I already have the material but still haven't done this... too many cameras, I guess!

  3. jurquidi
    jurquidi ·

    Did the same thing, but I put the gels on the flashbulbs on the ActionSampler Flash. I get great night shots. Some even look good on B/W film...

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