My New Zebra Holga


Have you ever dreamt of having a camera that was designed by yourself and different from all the others out there? I have. That is why I customized my Holga 135 PC in a very easy way and turned it into a unique zebra camera.

As it’s already Christmas time I started browsing the online shop for some new accessories for my beloved Holga 135 pinhole as presents to myself. Of course I stumbled over the Lomo LC-A+ Japan Edition and of course I fell in love with it. But its price will prevent me from purchasing it – although it definitely would be worth it.

This camera is so fascinating to me because it’s even more original than the other Lomographic cameras and will only belong to a handful of people. Then the idea of personalizing my own camera crossed my mind. I wanted to have a camera which is unique and cannot be bought by anyone!

I thought about painting it but I do not have enough confidence in my art skills and was afraid I might ruin its good looks instead of improving them. So I decided to search online for a pattern, to print it and to stick it on my camera. I chose a zebra pattern – mainly because it’s black and white.

This is what you need:
• a nice pattern
• a printer
• a ruler to take the measurements, scissors and double-sided adhesive tape

I took the measurements for the parts that had a different surface than the rest. These were the parts I wanted to customize, so that I would not destroy the original design – just change it a bit. I printed the pattern, cut it to the right size and used double-sided adhesive tape to attach it. In this way I can change my design whenever I want to and remove it if I want to.

As for my Holga I really like it, but this probably does not work for all lomographic cameras – or can you prove me wrong? :)

written by joeay on 2010-12-19 #gear #tutorials #camera #tipster #decoration #quickie-tipster #customising-holga-zebra-camera-body-style-design


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  1. sergio_m
    sergio_m ·

    Looks nice!

  2. nural
    nural ·

    looks great! I wish I was brave enough to do the same for my Diana...

  3. stouf
    stouf ·

    Sweet !

  4. odjur
    odjur ·

    @Nural well you can always remove it if it doesn't work out really nice, don't you?

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