An express city tour explained by a grumpy tourist guide.

An express city tour explained by a grumpy tourist guide.

It rings. I wake up. I go down, a rung, two rungs three rungs, four rungs. I jump, the fifth is broken. I walk, it creaks. I take off my tee-shirt. Launched in height. I take off my trousers. Launched in height. I put on my sweater, trousers. I take a glass of water. I drink. I do my hair. Two bites. My shoes. I go down. The door of the toilets. I go up. I drink. A zip. 8h49. Still a few minutes.

My coat, my bus-card, my keys, my wallet. I have all. I close, I go down. I go down. Still. I open the door. It’s cold. My hands in my pockets.. I leave. Every morning is the same in Tournai. Ah! not…

“Excuse me Miss, where is the Grand Place?” Talking? Too early. Ok, ok… open the mouth and… go!

“Just go straight by the Saint Brice street, don’t care about strange people living there”. Not ready to think. Do shorter as you can, you will be late. “Then you get to a traffic circle, turn to the left go straight. Go to a supermarket. Go straight again until you see the Beffroi. Two more step and you’re in the Grand place. Enjoy…” Lucky guy. One hour, two hours, four hours sitting on a chair. Trying to listen.

“Thank you very much, you know I’m here for some days I wanna…” Don’t tell me "bout your life dude, I’m late. “… in a beautiful hotel near the station, and when I saw it was not raining…”. My bus. Left. I look at my left, my right. Politely. “I’m sorry I’m late, goodbye” My day is wasted. Eight hours later I realized this tourist interlude was the best moment of my day!

So if you wanna visit Tournai ask me… I will probably indicate you without enthusiasm to visit the centre with its Notre-Dame cathedral, and its Beffroi. Then I will tell you to try some Belgian beer on the Grand Place, thinking about the good times you could have, and to make you walk a lot I will recommend you the biggest second-hand bookseller of Belgium on the boulevard around the city, where you could find everything from psychology books to cooking works and sudoku for some euros. Then imagining my daily pasta with butter, I will send you to a traditional "friterie " to eat fresh Belgian French fries. But on, people are in good mood and they know better about giving you the push to visit Tournai.

written by nanuth on 2008-04-27 #places #food #shop #cathedral #location

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