Carpathian Mountains


Let me take you back to the eighteenth century with the Dovbush group and the fight for freedom of the beloved motherland, Hutzulshchyna. Aside from its rich history, the Carpathian Mountains is also a great beauty and an interesting site to go hiking and take photos.

I can tell you about the beauty of the Carpathians, it’s highest mountain, Gerlachovky is 2655m. I can also say that it is a wonderful place for hiking, picking mushrooms (be careful as some are poisonous), be in contact with nature and take great pictures. But let me take you back to the eighteenth century with the Dovbush group and the fight for freedom of the beloved motherland Hutzulshchyna.

While at the Carpathians, I asked an old lady to tell me the story/legend of the mountains and this was her reply, “Here in Ukraine we also had a Robin Hood who’s name was Oleksa Dovbush".

Oleksa Dovbush was the leader of his own band of 30-50 young men who made daring raids on the palaces and castles of the rich, foreign landowners robbing and killing them and their servants, and giving out the acquired wealth to the poor people of the land. He was known for punishing landowners who were notorious for their cruelty towards the villagers. When someone complained to Dovbush, he and his men would capture the landlord and hold a trial over the accused. Usually, such trials ended in the execution of the landlord and all confiscated treasures would go to the victims.
Dovbush became the greatest hero of the locals and a threat to the foreign aristocracy who labeled him a terrorist and a robber. The range of activities of Dovbush and his band gradually spread, not only throughout the Hutzul lands but also into the Pokutia (Polland) and Podillia (Kiev) regions. The occupying government at the requests of the foreign landlords organized large military expeditions against Dovbush. Some expeditions were made of over 2,000 well-armed troops and were led by the Polish Crown Prince Potocki. Still, Dovbush managed to escape every trap and continued to bring terror and fear to the noblemen. This was mostly due to the help that he received from the common people and to Dovbush’s military capabilities as well.

As with all or almost all popular heroes, Dovbush died not because of his enemies, but at the hands of his lover’s husband. If one day you decide to visit the Carpathians Mountains, make sure to also have some garlic in your pockets as Drácula also lives here.

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