Spinner 360: Going in Circles!


I had always wanted to buy a panoramic camera but I can’t afford the Horizon. Therefore, I can’t hide my excitement when the Spinner 360 was announced! It seems like a fun and exciting camera with its ability to take 360-pano complete with sprockets! Immediately I ordered one from the online store and counted down to the day I will be receiving it.

When the DHL package arrived at my door step, I was amazed at the large packaging size and it was somewhat difficult to “liberate” the Spinner from due to the complicated packaging.

Once I hold the Spinner 360 in my hand, I noticed that this is one solidly built camera. It is much heavier than normal plastic cameras and it even has a metal lens hood!

On the camera it self, there is a pull ring similar to that on the Supersampler, an aperture switch, the rewind knob, and lo and behold, a built-in bubble level.

Loading the camera takes some getting used to. The film leader have to go into the take up spool and to advance the film, I have to rotate the handle. Once the first roll of film goes into the camera, I am ready to spin.

The first location I had chosen for my Spinner shoot is a famous local tourist attraction, Chinatown. When I take out the Spinner form my camera bag, I attract some stares from strangers, as if I am holding some death ray guns from 60’s B-grade movies. I braved the stares and went about my serious business of taking spinner shots, trying out various techniques from the website and manual.

Sadly, time flies when you are having fun and 6-7 spins later, I had used up my roll of 36 exposure negative film. I sent the roll to my fav minilab for developing and I got it back within a day. Scanning the negatives is another chore as the film is uncut and I have to manually unroll it, review and cut. Putting it on my home flatbed scanner is another epic struggle. Fortunately, I bought the DigitaLiza and that made my life slightly easier. The end results are fun and exciting. I can sometimes see myself appearing twice in the same frame! I had since ran through another 6-8 rolls on the Spinner and all my pals love the results it produces!

In conclusion, Spinner 360 is a must have if you like pano and an attention seeker that likes the stares from strangers. It is fun, exciting and unconventional. One word of caution, scanning can be a chore so it is recommended that you also purchase the DigitaLiza at the same time!

written by coolsigg on 2010-12-23 #gear #review #user-review #spinner-360-panoramic-sprocket-fun-circle-special #spinner-collection-2012


  1. elvismartinezsmith
    elvismartinezsmith ·

    the Spinner is so cool, I'm addicted to it!!! :)

  2. nural
    nural ·

    one of my favs when it`s sunny!

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