Take Notice of the Twin Cities and Land of 10,000 Lakes!


Thinking about lomo-ing around the Midwest? Why not hit the highways of Minnesota? You’ll surely find something bizarre like the world’s largest boot or discover a scenic backwoods path leading to a perfectly tranquil lake! You never know what you’ll find America’s north star state!

Minnesota may be unbelievably cold in the winter, but summer, spring, and fall provide some of the most gorgeous nature shooting one can hope for. Pick any highway leading out of the city and just drive!

You are sure to pass through unbelievable farmlands and forests on your drive north from the twin cities. Take highway I-35 N and pull off the highway at any point and look for cemeteries, abandoned barns, or back country scenic paths. Stop at Toby’s in Hinckley for the world’s best pecan caramel rolls to keep your energy up!

Minnesota is known for its quirky roadside destinations. To name a few: the world’s largest ball of twine made by a single individual, largest pelican, largest blooming prairie chicken, and giant (but not necessarily world’s largest) statues commemorating Paul Bunyan, an epic battle between giant crickets and farmers, otters, predatory river fish and many more. Just hop on a highway and you’re sure to see signs advertising the world’s largest something! US 10-E takes you to Red Wing, MN, home of the world’s largest boot!

Ed’s Museum lies in a sleepy little farm town (population 300) called Wykoff. Ed opened a grocery store in 1933 and successfully kept it in operation until his death in 1986. Ed wasn’t exactly the neatest grocer. When his family entered his store after his death they found his basement full of stuff he refused to throw away. Toys from the 40s, cereal from the 60s, beer and soda from the 70s, it was a treasure trove of nostalgia! The historical society declared it a landmark, restored its original grocery store layout, and put all the objects on display. Head on over and ask for a free tour!

The country surrounding the Twin Cities provides some of the most beautiful and bizarre spots for lomography. Pop some redscale in your Holga and shoot some real “Americana” or pop some lomography x-pro and shoot a giant roadside dinosaur! Whatever your taste, Minnesota will not disappoint!

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