Sprocket Rocket: Have a 'Lift-off' of Your Own!


In Oct, I was intrigued by the news that Lomogrpahy.com is launching yet another new camera. Having bought the Spinner 360, I was thinking to myself: What can trump that? I can’t be more wrong as I vowed to lay my hands on the sparkling Sprocket Rocket when it was launched.

I was captivated by the promised features of the Sprocket Rocket. Double frame pano, sprocket, multiple exposure, bulb mode, hot shoe flash mount, tripod screw mount, all in a small form factor that is easy to carry around.

Finally, the beloved DHL package arrived on my door step in the first week of Nov. In it lies a shiny, compact Sprocket Rocket. I hungrily tore off the packaging and rummaged through the instruction manual. Devouring every word while at the same time visualizing the type of shots I can get out of it.

When I opened up the back, there is a mask inside the Rocket. I immediately put it aside and thinking: Who will buy a Sprocket Rocket but shoot with the mask installed? Doesn’t that defeats the purpose of buying this camera?

Well, the next thing that strike me was the similarity with Diana F+ in terms of the shutter speed control (Normal & Bulb), and the aperture control (Sunny, Cloudy). The difference is that the focusing ring of the Sprocket Rocket is on the lens barrel and there are only 2 settings (0.6-1 meter, and more than 1 meter). For close up and portraits, use the 0.6-1 meter setting and for everything else, use the >1 meter setting. It’s that easy to use the rocket!

The next thing I need to decide is what type of film to use for my first roll. The instruction manual says slide film of iso100-200 or negative of iso400 onwards. I foolishly put in the XR50-200, thinking that it should be ok since it is iso400 rated.

As a result, the photos came out largely underexposed although I shot under over cast conditions in late afternoon.

I then realised that Sprocket Rocket needs a lot of light and the best is to Colorsplash it when in doubt.

After the failure of the first roll, I shot several rolls using Sensia 200 and Lomography 400. The photos turn out great, especially Lomography 400. It is the best film for the Sprocket Rocket in my opinion.

The only gripe I have about the Sprocket Rocket is that there are no strap hooks. This means I have to constantly hold it in my hand (with high risk of dropping it one day) or put it in the bag (which means I might miss critical shots).

Some other tricks I recommend are endless pano, “turn back the clock”, and MX. It’s really a lot of fun with this camera. Get it and you won’t regret!

written by coolsigg on 2010-12-13 #gear #review #user-review #sprocket-rocket-lomography-panoramic-wide-angle-mx-multiple-exposure


  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    I love my Sprockets too.... <:)

  2. goseki
    goseki ·

    yeah, awesome camera, I'm really pleased with it. Very eye catching as well

  3. sarabbit
    sarabbit ·

    seems very cool:)

  4. youngsailor
    youngsailor ·

    I am new this and have a small technical question regarding this camera. I loaded the film in, took a shot, then tried to advance the film with the right winder but it did a circle and stopped and won't move any further. I've tried pressing the shutter but it still won't budge. What have I done wrong?

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