A Year in Square of Volodymyr Kolbasa


What if you’re a dog with a chronic habit of sleeping all the time whilst having the ability to dream like that of a twin lens reflex camera? Volodymyr did just that! Check out his gorgeous monochrome year in square.

A few months ago, our Lomo Amigo Christophe Dillinger had teamed up with us in pursuit of publishing Square Magazine's new book and asked everyone in the Lomographic community to show one’s year in square. A kind of a competition that calls for images strictly taken with the format we’re all familiar with – the square, each attached with stories of the photographers has to tell.

Out of the hundreds of entries we’ve received, it’s this monochrome squares by Volodymyr caught our eyes and eventually was included in our selections:

I have spent this year totally under the sign of “square” :) That’s because this summer I finally bought an old Yashica Mat TLR from ebay and hit the road towards medium format wonders.
Next year will be “double square” I hope :)

This short picture series was shot on a single roll of film when I was once wondering around my fiancee’s hometown while visiting her parents. I did not do much thinking about what I was shooting and surely was not intending to make a picture series. But then I had got the film developed I noticed that these pictures, at first glance very disparate, in some way made up a totally absurd series when put together. But I still had to find some sort of fancy description. And what could be better to describe an absurd series than some absurd poetry? And what can be more absurd than a dream? Especially a dog’s dream.

The Dog’s Dream

The dog sleeps.
So white he is.

The not whole hen
Just stands
And watches him.
Silently she does.

Not straightly down from the window
The stairway black as mourning widow
Leads. Dog sees again the stairs flight
In his tumultuous dream tonight

Three candles overcome by drink
Inside the window do not blink
And wax is covering the palm
Which was to pet and keep dog calm

There is a view among the upper class
That hen is totally made of brass.
Yes, though a truly whole one.
The white dog sleeps.
And dreams of none.

written by fookshit on 2010-12-29 #lifestyle #winners #retrospective #square-magazine

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