A Year in Square of Frances Beatty


Frances thought the year 2010 is something of a memory gradually fading into nothingness, and yet she managed to salvage a few of them in squares!

A few months ago, our Lomo Amigo Christophe Dillinger had teamed up with us in pursuit of publishing Square Magazine's new book and asked everyone in the Lomographic community to show one’s year in square. A kind of a competition that calls for images strictly taken with the format we’re all familiar with – the square, each attached with stories of the photographers has to tell.

Fortunately, Frances was indeed lucky enough to have her name included in the 6 names shortlisted! Let’s prepare ourselves to get indulged by her square tale:

A Year in Square, 2010
Frances Beatty

2010 felt like it should’ve been a big year. A good year. A big year. Yet I find myself struggling to
come up with something important to write about in my year in review. The truth is…it zipped by, and
quietly. In fact, almost entirely without sound. There are boxes and boxes of photos by my feet which
suggest I have been busy in 2010, and I suppose that’s true.

I’ve been caught up experimenting with the new Polaroid film, mostly. I first fell in love with Polaroid because it was a contained and instantly tangible memory, but not without its flaws. Dreamy and nostalgic, it mimicked the way I imagined a real memory to be. One which I could hang on to, unlike the ones dissolving within me. With the new film, there are more flaws, and one such flaw is the attack of the killer crystals (which should probably be a 1980’s inspired b horror). I watched helplessly as my photos were eaten away by this chemical reaction.

Instantly panicked, it took me a minute to realize…it was beautiful. It is mirroring more closely the evolution
and destruction of our own memories.

written by fookshit on 2010-12-27 #lifestyle #winners #retrospective #square-magazine #year-in-square

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  1. ahleng90
    ahleng90 ·

    whoa!fantastic photoss!

  2. eremigi
    eremigi ·

    Great images and very intriguing effect. I was not aware of this chemistry. Do you know if it is 'prerogative' of the older batches (I guess you refer to the Impossible Project's new Polaroid type film) and has perhaps now been fixed? Or may be due to the way the film had been (mis)handled? I am very curious - I am planning to experiment myself with that soon ...

  3. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Frances your images are wonderful and your sentiments I can fully empathise with. I also had a summer filled with killer crystals and the hardest thing is to watch the tangible evidence of your memories disappear. I did write up the changes on my blog, at least upto that point! All the best ky cameradaze.blogspot.com/2010_09_01_archive.html

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