Rip Curl Competition: Stage 3 - Life's a Roadtrip!


Stage 2 got you looking for trouble – Ripcurl- and Lomography-style, of course! As we open the 3rd stage for this competition, we ask you to take a break from your wild endeavors and take a laid-back roadtrip with your friends. You’ll be wheeling in exciting prizes, as always! Roll down the windows, blast the music, and don’t forget your camera!

Photo by: filby

Show us how you ride ’n’roll!

Ah, road trips. They’re a fun way to bond with friends, no matter what your chosen mode of transportation is – a bike, truck, van, surfboard, skateboard, or snowboard! It’s exciting getting lost together, armed with a map, and a Lomography camera in hand!

Document your road trips – we want to see analogue snapshots of you and your friends wheeling yourselves down the road, on your way to the beach, to the hills, or just rolling around your neighborhood. Submit your Lomographic pictures until the beginning of April to win Lomography and Ripcurl prizes!

Grab a map, load up your cameras, and show us how you ride ‘n’ roll!

Winners and Trouble-seekers

A grand jury of Ripcurl professionals and seasoned Lomographers will be sifting through the massive heap of entries to choose the grand winners of Stage 2: “Looking for Trouble”! In the next few weeks, the 36 winning shots will be enjoying the spotlight at the Ripcurl x Lomography website!

We will be announcing the winners soon, so stay tuned in to the Magazine!

A Fisheye perspective

Your road trip shots will be much more fun with a Fisheye camera. Imagine your adventures in a 180-degree perspective, swimming in deep colours and barrel distortion! The Fisheye 2 RipCurl is dressed in a splash of bright colours and will conveniently ride ‘n’ roll with you wherever you go. Head to for more details!

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  1. jbrown363
    jbrown363 ·

    Cant wait to see who the luck 36 of stage two are!

  2. jeaa
    jeaa ·

    ooooh!!! :)

  3. pattyequalsawesome
    pattyequalsawesome ·

    Exciting!!!! :D

  4. pegawainegri
    pegawainegri ·

    can't wait!

  5. missady
    missady ·

    How to submit my photos? I'm not registered...

  6. treavorortiz
    treavorortiz ·

    Get on the road and get it done!

  7. jangeri
    jangeri ·

    I go and grab my Longboard :) plus a Diana F+

  8. dillian
    dillian ·

    Lomo = cool

  9. meow2me
    meow2me ·


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