Live the Search! Rip Curl Competition Updates!

We’ve seen a whole lotta love and trouble so far from community members who’ve been living the search, riding the waves and wishing for a Rip Curl trip of a lifetime! But the contest isn’t over yet as we’ve still got the final stage!

Have you been looking for trouble in the right places? The 2nd Stage of our Live the Search Competition is over and we hope you all submitted your wildest, craziest, and the most out-of-this-world depictions of your analogue style!

The good people over at Rip Curl are now judging all your awesome submissions for the 2nd round. Don’t forget that we still have the final stage of the competition though, and the theme for this one is ‘Life’s a Roadtrip’. Whatever your mode of transportation is – a bike, truck, van, or a surfboard, skateboard, snowboard – wheel yourself and your friends on a roadtrip, snap up some pics, and show us how you ride ‘n’ roll!

written by cruzron on 2010-01-13 #news #surfing #competition #beach #ripcurl

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