A Lomo-fied Christmas Tree


Are you one of those that eat, drink and sleep Lomography? In conjunction to the Golden rule no. 3: Lomography is not an interference in your life, but a part of it. So…. what better way to enjoy this jolly festive season by incorporating what is part of us, Lomography into this Christmas by LOMO-FYING the Christmas Tree.

I’m pretty sure at this time of the year, all of would us have taken the Christmas Tree out of storage (or bought a new one) and done decorating it with ornaments obtained over the years. What better way to celebrate this Christmas by decorating our Christmas Tree with our Lomo prints!

All you need:
- Christmas tree(s)
- As many prints of your favourite photos as you like
- Some creativity

That’s pretty much it guys. Hope you all have the jolliest and merriest Christmas and Lomo on!

written by w3irdo on 2010-12-13 #gear #tutorials #tipster #decoration #tree #lomography #quickie-tipster #chirstmas

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