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Buxton sits on the edge of the Peak District, a popular Spa Town in Derbyshire, England. It is a location with stunning architecture and offers lots to do. It is also the home of the famous “Buxton” Mineral Water and more popularly known as “the gateway to the Peaks”.

Buxton has many tourist attractions including Poole’s Cavern – a huge limestone cavern, Opera House, Baths and Pavilion Gardens. Traditionally a spa town the architecture is truly amazing and very grand. There is a large restoration project going on to restore the famous baths to their original beauty and it is going to look stunning once it is finished.

I stopped by Buxton for a day out in November and was lucky to get a lovely crisp, sunny, winter’s day. I visited Buxton’s Pavilion Gardens – 23acres of restored Victorian gardens that include lakes, a band stand, an indoor garden and a tea room.

The gardens are incredibly beautiful and I spent most of the day wandering around taking pictures there. The local ducks were actually particularly friendly, which I found amusing. There were also a number of antique and thrift stores in the village center, I spotted a few cameras in there too!

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  1. snug
    snug ·

    We're both from Derbyshire so know Buxton very well, great article... unfortunately the photos are just balck right now but I think i've seem them in your albums a few days ago and they were great!

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