Addition to the Great Big Lomography Bible Color Negative Edition!

With the publication of the The Great Big Lomography Film Bible, at last a concise tool is made available for choosing film on other criteria than for example “Hey, a stray roll of film! Let’s put it in a camera!”. Its uber-uber-leetness can only be supplemented by, well, more uber-uber-leetness. To this end I thought I’d contribute two film variants that somehow got lost in the shuffle, namely the potent AGFA Vista 200 and the exquisite Konica VX Super 200.

AGFA Vista 200
The 200 ISO variant of the AGFA Vista is a perfect all-round film, especially for outdoors. It produces the saturated, creamy colours the line is famous for and delivers that unmistakeable retro AGFA look. High sharpness and virtually no grain round it perfectly out.

Konica VX Super 200
The VX Super line of Konica used to include a 200 ISO speed film, which produces extraordinary colours and really vibrant images. More light is better than less in this case, so overexpose your shots for some crazy vivid results akin xpro experiments!

written by cyan-shine on 2010-12-02 #gear #tutorials #film #tipster #lomogrpahy #film-bible

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