Spreadin' the Love

I started a series of photo shoots called “Spreadin’ the Love”. I wanted to show my appreciation for analogue, and spread the Analogue love to all. My first shoot involved bathing in miles and miles of analogue tape from various objects including a tape from a video camera, tape voice recorder, and an old VHS Tape.

I arrived anxiously at my friend Sam’s house. Sam has been a good friend of mine since high school, and this is the first time I have seen her since we both started college. I have yet to get any photos of sam and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do so, for the beginning of a photo project I started for myself for a series of shoots that I entitled Spredin’ the love. The project will be a series of photo shoots that will feature shots of people interacting with, using and having fun with all things analogue.

I decided to begin with the most basic form of analogue… analogue tape. In a plastic bag I revealed what she would be modeling with: An analogue video camera, an analogue tape recorder, and an old VHS tape. I simply began by having her use each object and pose with them, and then came the fun part, I decided that it would be cool to have photos where basically she would be bathing in miles and miles of analogue tape.

Check out the photos, and see what you think. In doing so I pose a challenge others to show me and the rest of the lomography community all of the different ways that they are sharing their analogue love. Take photos of your friends and family or people you see passing by using, interacting with, and enjoying anything analogue. Also don’t be afraid to make a mess, and go wild as I did for this first shoot, and probably for my future shoots. Also stay turned for the next shoot in the series, as I have a lot of ideas in mind!

Keep on spreading the love!

written by drlaporksha on 2011-04-26 #lifestyle

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