UK Lomographic Lives no. 5: Porkchopsandy


We’d like to introduce our friend Sandy, known as Porkchopsandy, one of our top UK Lomographers!

Name: Sandy Sze
Lomohome: porkchopsandy
Where I Live: London, UK
Dayjob: CG Animator

Sandy’s favourite picture

This is an accidental double. I took a photo and someone else used my camera and took another photo but didn’t wind the film. I didn’t know about it till I got the photo printed and was completely stunned by it! I was never really into double exposures before this photo, always felt like it has to be well planned to achieve acceptable results or else it’d just be a waste of film till this photo! So, to me, this is the photo that led me into the spontaneous world of double exposures!

How long I’ve been a Lomographer:
Got my first Super Sampler back in summer 2005, shot couple of rolls. 2 years later I got my fisheye, shot couple of rolls. It was only in late 2008 that I discovered the world of Lomography and became addicted!

Favourite Camera/Film/Accessory Combination:
I wish I have one favourite, so I don’t end up carrying 4-5 cameras and 30 rolls of film each time I go on a trip!
LC-A gotta be the all time favourite! I think most of the people would agree on that. Right now I like the Lomo x-pro200 alot with the LC-A, with the Wide-lens :) Lubitel 166+ is my favourite medium format camera, Lomo Redscale XR rocks in this machine!

My Gallery

In my own words…
“Where are you from?” A simple question like that I find hard to answer in a word or two. The shortest way to answer this would be: I am a Chinese girl lives in London who holds a Canadian passport.
When I was young, following my parents, we moved from city to city, country to country, I never recorded staying in the same house for any longer than 2 years. I used to hate travelling, hate moving, hate having to meet new friends all the time. When I grow older, it just became part of my life, I’d never say no to a new job opportunity that is on the other side of the earth, it seems not a big deal. Travelling become something that is not particularly exciting, just something you gotta do once in a while…. till I found Lomography.
It gives whole new meanings to travelling, Whether it’s to try a new camera or just for the sake of shooting some new rolls, I would plan a trip to somewhere every few months or even few weeks. It doesn’t have to be the ultimate round the world trip to see all of the seven wonders(though that would be nice :P). Any small street on the planet could be a great place to visit. I fell in love with travelling, experiencing totally different cultures, food and people! The world is just so much more wonderful when I look at it through my Lomography eye :)

Ones to watch:

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  1. rosebud82
    rosebud82 ·

    Was your favourite photo taken on a lomography walk? Sure that is me with the stripe bag in the picture! Great gallery!

  2. wilfbiffherb
    wilfbiffherb ·

    great gallery, well done. long live uklomo!

  3. porkchopsandy
    porkchopsandy ·

    thanks :) Ya! It was from the Lomo walk in Camden!! That was a great fun :D

  4. azzzy
    azzzy ·

    Great article. and wow! im one of those to watch. Thanks im honored.

  5. lereile
    lereile ·

    nice words, totally word on those last!!

  6. lereile
    lereile ·

    i meant: totally agree on those last words..

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