First Entries to the Cannes Mini Movie Competition!


we’re getting rolls by the dozen here at Lomography HQ, and we thought it only fair to share them with you. Read after the jump to see what Cannes Short Film Movie directors have come up with when faced with a Multi-lens camera and some film!

By now you’ve read all about the Cannes Mini Movie Contest and like us you are ready to see some of the first submissions!

So here you go, a sneak peek just for you!

Photo by: Paul Anderton
Photo by: Pierre Henniquant
Photo by: Caillon Emilie
Photo by: Ricky Mastro
Photo by: Camila Cerutti
Photo by: Simona Irrera
Photo by: Taylour Chang
Photo by Doron Kipper

2011-05-17 #news #competition #cannes #multi-lens-first-entries

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