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All great adventures require a copilot. Somebody who can watch your back and tell you when things are a little dicey or out of hand. A pal, friend and lover. That’s why I married her. My wife, Beth, is my most important Lomo Person.

Beth Cartwright
My wife

When I decided to thrust myself headlong into toy camera photography it started innocently enough. I ordered a Holga 135 and waited. Before that order came the wonder, anticipation and speculation. I went with my wife on a scenic drive and we snapped hundreds of pictures with our camera phones. The whole time I wondered “What would these be like on film?” When we got back I brooded on the thought long enough and found myself taking silly pictures with my cell phone. Beth noticed. When I told her I wanted to order a Holga she did more than acquiesce she joined.

Shortly after my Holga arrived we stopped by a local camera shop and picked a Holga 120 for Beth. The camera was ragged and silly. The nameplate was snapped off and it was a garish gold color. Then Beth and I dove into Lomography. We found endless excuses to go out simply to snap and I found my new love affair, cameras, fed the one that was already there. I snapped pictures of Beth all the time.

The beginnings and endings of rolls became sacred spots to capture pictures of my wife, partner and best friend. I shot this picture while we exploring Slide Rock with muddy shoes on a cold day. I had snapped the leaves already and she walked over and asked if I had shot everything I wanted at that location. I had save one. I wanted to shoot her.

So I took a portrait of my wife and ended up with my best double exposure. Just one more thing I can thank her for. And I will.

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