UK Carnival Fair

The UK Carnival Fair by Uncle Ringo

The UK Carnival Fair by Uncle Ringo

The UK Carnival Fair is a traveling fair that comes to Singapore about once every two years. This year, at the open field next to Bishan MRT station. A very central and convenient place to go to. The fair has many kinds of rides. Bumper Cars, Ferris Wheels, Merry go Rounds, roller coasters and even smaller versions of these rides for the younger kids. One of the most popular rides is The Vortex. It’s a 30m-high ride that sins 360 degrees while high up in the air. The other is the Challenger, a "dizzier’ version of the Viking Ship that spins in circles while swinging left to right at a scary height.

Besides the breath-taking rides, they do have many game stalls as well. From the common "hit the bottles’ game, to "bet the number’ kind of lottery games. Prizes consist of soft toys of enormous sizes and many others. Definitely catered for family members of all ages.

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