Lomography Playground


Lomography Playground is the new place where we put all our online experiments, in progress features and sneak previews for you to play around with.

Credits: magicbus

There are a lot of features we are working on – some we have launched already, some are still a work in progress. Sometimes it would be great to show them to you – although they are not fully done yet – to get some initial feedback, see them in action, … So we’ve created a dedicated section for you to test them out: the Lomography Playground.

To kick things off we’ve redone the Nearby map – it’s now showing all photos and LomoLocations (and not just the most popular ones). Let us know in the comments what you think. Keep a close eye on the News section and/or ==follow us on Twitter" (we are "@lomodev==":http://www.twitter.com/lomodev there) for future updates!


written by recurving on 2010-11-30 #news #relaunch #playground #nearby


  1. gnarlyleech
    gnarlyleech ·

    This is cool. New map is surely a big step in the right direction.

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Damn' awesome ! thanks for all the work !

  3. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·


  4. recurving
    recurving ·

    thanks! oh, and be sure to check out stouf's map: www.lomography.com.tr/playground/nearby?username=stouf (this is by far the most all over the places one)… have to link it in the other map still.

  5. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    great work! congrats!

  6. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    It's great!

  7. elvismartinezsmith
    elvismartinezsmith ·

    one more new coooool feature!! would be nice to be able to zoom in & out in there

  8. naqi
    naqi ·

    very nice!! thanks

  9. lucianamorin
    lucianamorin ·

    wow that's really coool!!!!!!!!

  10. scorpie
    scorpie ·

    oh, i love that! it's also a visual proof that i really need to travel more... :/

  11. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    great job!

  12. beanieboi
    beanieboi ·

    oh! something new in the playground section! :) www.lomography.com.tr/playground/realtime

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