Paraty em Foco Festival

There’s a party in Paraty! Seriously though, my trip to this small village was amazing – and perfectly timed too as they were celebrating their annual festival, which featured an event called, Paraty em Foco. This opportunity allowed me to meet lots of amazing people who also happened to be into Lomography! Here are some snapshots from my trip.

Let’s start off with the story of Paraty, a small village in Rio de Janeiro which drastically changed during the 16th century after the first Portuguese people came over. Through the years, what was once a small village turned into an important jewelry route (“Caminho do Ouro”). Eventually, it also took on the role of taking over the huge expansion in pinga (spirit) production.

Talking about pinga, commenting about its quality and quantity is actually an important matter. There’s an abundance of pinga in Paraty wherein its fame is so intense that during August, the town celebrates the traditional Festival da Pinga. It’s a spectacular event that all the locals are looking forward to.

With regard to my personal experience during my visit to Paraty, I’d say that this town rocks! I had the opportunity to visit the historical center while it was having a photography festival called, “Paraty em Foco” and was able to meet a lot of amazing and exciting people. And the best part is – they are people who share my love for lomography!

It was a photo/lomo-graphic marathon for sure! We did light painting at night, snapshots during the day – I spent my days enjoying such things in cozy Paraty. Thankfully, I’ll always have these great memories to look back on anytime I want especially with all the photos that I took. Lomo on!

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translated by jorgesato

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