Digital? Analogue!


Huis Marseille pays tribute to analogue photography by dedicating an exhibition to the character and work of master printer Peter Svenson of Aap-Lab.

Liza May Post, Attempt I, 1996, Courtesy Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam

Even if we are living in a digital world built on convenience, there are certain facets that require a more analogue, hands-on approach. Case in point is Huis Marseille's current exhibit, Digital? Analogue! which pays tribute to the brilliance of master printer Peter Svenson of Aap-Lab. While more and more people are turning digital, its those who matter and know the craft most that are coming back to the analogue fold.

Paulien Oltheten, Drie jongens tussen twee lijnen, 2005

Although the computer offers unlimited possibilities for the perfection of a photograph, many photographers prefer instead to seek the limits of the medium. Within that process Peter Svenson can be a crucial link. He interprets the image in his own way, and the resulting dialogue with the photographer almost always leads to an authentic, transparent and complex image.

The exhibit runs from Nov. 27, 2010 to Feb. 27, 2011
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