Paint the Town Red with Fujichrome Sensia 100

I’ve tried several types of positive films to take pictures of various locations and spot, one thing I love to use these positive films is the saturated tones they bring before my yes. The colors are even more impressive when I send them to the photo lab and cross-process them.

Yes, I am talking about cross-processing. This technique is new to me when I started using analogue films to capture great moments. The positive films are already good at displaying great colors and tones of everything I see and cross-processing makes all images even more awesome to me!

However, I have this type of film that always surprise me and daunts me. That is Fujichrome Sensia 100. This film does the good job as other positive film do, but once cross-processed, the image might make me crazy! I’ve tried two rolls with Sensia and all of them became kind of “red-scale”. All I can recognize from processed films are blurs of red, pink, crimson, and magenta. I guess this is the film’s characteristic and sometimes I find it quite disturbing.

But not this time. I took a new roll and went to Yingge Town to tour its local pottery museum. The sun is bright so there are sharp contrast of shade and light. I also took it to the streets and almot shot anything I found interesting. Later, when I sent the roll to be cross-processed, the results were simply amazing. I realized that I actually “paint the town red”!

See the pictures yourself and you would know what I mean!

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