A DIY Splitzer for Your Diana


Are you a lover of the effects of the Splitzer, but you prefer to continue saving money for your next camera?

Long ago, when I started to dive into the deep world of lomography, I discovered this great little tool that is the Splitzer (for Diana, in my case). I just couldn’t stop drooling as I watched the photos of other lomographers, with these magical fading-outs, this mixture of points of view in one picture, to sum up, all the surprises that this nifty tool holds.

Nevertheless, as we all know, the developing costs, the film rolls cost, the cameras cost and even these 12 little euros that the Splintzer is worth, I would prefer to invest them in one of the aforementioned things.

For this reason, and because in my house we have always done some DIY hacks, I decided to manufacture my own Splitzer, and to be frank, this is the easiest and cheapest thing to do.
The only thing that you will need is some insulating tape and a good eye for calculating more or less what you want to be covered, even though in lomography you can never know the final result beforehand, this is the only drawback!

Note: At the beginning, I was thinking that the insulating tape had to be preferably black and as opaque as possible. However, I have also used ordinary tape and worked, so try whatever you have available. Anything goes!

I also recommend that you always carry a piece of tape stuck on your camera so that there will never be an occasion that you will miss it. What is more, it gives your camera a touch of individuality! :)

Once you take this into account, you will be able to put into practice this small and clever trick that will give you results like the following:

Enjoy it!

written by 5thdimension on 2011-06-07 #gear #tutorials #diy #spiltzer #tipster #diana #quickie-tipster #handicraft
translated by bigbadwolf


  1. faridfirdaus
    faridfirdaus ·

    good idea! will try this out soon!

  2. maricarmen-valdivieso
    maricarmen-valdivieso ·

    Hi, I have one question.
    I just started taking pics with Diana F and I was wondering how you have two different pics in one? I mean, do you have to roll the device a little bit to have this effect. I'm sorry, my question might sound foolish!
    I'd appreciate any answer.

  3. gelibee
    gelibee ·

    Hi @maricarmen-valdivieso you can double expose your photo/s by using this technique! :) take a picture, don't advance the film yet, then move the splitzer then take a picture again :) Enjoy! :)

  4. epestaxis
    epestaxis ·

    Hi this is a stupid question but do you just put the strip of tape over the other part of the lens once you take the first photo or do you just leave it off?

  5. rachaelbethan
    rachaelbethan ·

    Can't wait to get my hands on a piece of tape!

  6. maxxcain
    maxxcain ·

    Very nice tip. Thank you! I've been looking for an alternative for the splitzer and I never really thought of using electrical tape.

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