Roaming Manila with Film Cameras in my Hands


I roamed around Manila with film cameras in my hands to capture images that show interesting places, tell untold stories, and reveal unexplored corners of this unique city that I call home.

The city I live in is called Manila. Not just somewhere in Metro Manila but the capital itself, the seat of history, power, and commerce in the Philippines since time immemorial. As I’ve been living in this city all my life, I should know it like the back of my hand. But even if it shames me, I must say I don’t. So I roam around Manila with film cameras in my hand, seeking untold stories, unexplored corners, and interesting places before I even begin to feel guilty of being a stranger in my own hometown. I chose to capture everything on film, because in my eyes, it complements the unique charm that Manila has.

Despite its status as the country’s capital, Manila is hardly the glittering metropolis that people associate capital cities with. It has been known as a poverty-stricken city full of people who are toiling tirelessly in the hope of a better life. There are hardly any skyscrapers, the roads are narrow and congested, the traffic is unbearable, the streets are littered in almost every corner, most houses and buildings are old and cramped. It’s actually a place where the old and the new are struggling to exist harmoniously. So what does Manila have that charms people into visiting, let alone living in it? Let me show you.

Photos taken using:
Nikon FE2 + Fuji X-Tra 400 and Fuji Provia 100
Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim + Fuji Sensia 100 and Fuji Velvia 100

written by plasticpopsicle on 2011-02-24 #places #manila #philippines #location #vivitar-ultra-wide-slim #nikon-fe2 #film-photography


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    hello Manila!

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