LomoPeople in Spain, Live nº1: Maneke

Many of us are Spanish lomographers (or live in Spain) and we participated in the community. So if you want to know a a bit more of us, here’s GenteLomo in Spain! He is the first live: Maneke!

How Lomography crossed in your life? Tell us your story!
The first contact, light contact, long time ago when I purchased a ActionSampler Flash a friend´s birthday. She had told me once that she loved it I decided to go to the store for buy it for her. That’s when I caught the bug. And a couple of years later I bought one for myself:) For my birthday, I got my first lomo, a blue SuperSampler. This is how Lomography crossed in my life.

This is your favorite photo. Why?
I really like this composition (I find it a very cosmopolitan picture) and it was the second time I was in Berlin. I have a lot of memories of that trip.

What is your perfect combination camera / film?
I do not know if it’s a perfect combination, I want to try it, but I think maybe an Agfa Vista film (35mm, 400ISO) with the square format of the DianaMini, it can be cool!

Your lomodebility?
I love feet photos. Maybe I like it for my SuperSampler, I did a lot of pictures while I was walking down the street.

How do you define Lomography?
A casual art. Lomography gives you the ability to express an uncontrolled way.

A LomoHome which you recommend?

Yeah, right. I really like Jorgesato's LomoHome. I recommend you to go there!

You may visit Maneke´s LomoHome here.

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