Lomography POP9 is a Fun Art


A simple camera that simply makes art simple. A party darling for the pop-art obsessed.

I have to admit up front that the Lomography POP9 was never a camera that I pined over while browsing the shop online. However, fate and retail therapy promotions have a way of putting things you never expected in your lap. This little freebie has proven to be quite the catch though.

We’ll start with the basics. The Lomography POP9 is a 35mm camera with on-board flash and 9 lenses. Each lens has its own quadrant blocked out and all share a shutter, so that each frame you snap has 9 crisply defined squares. There aren’t any aperture or focus settings, so be certain to read the instructions included with the camera on how close to your subject you should get and when you should kick on the flash.

When I got my POP9 I immediately dropped in a roll and began snapping whatever was around my desk at work. I took a few candid shots of my co-workers as well, some enjoyed this more than others. A short while later, a co-worker’s 9-year-old son came in and saw my new toy and was quite taken with it. He immediately asked if he could use it and wanted me to show him how. I gladly showed him how to turn on the flash, check that it is charged and then wind to the next frame. He rushed around the office, definitely following the Lomography Golden Rule of “Don’t think just shoot!” The camera quickly reached the end of the roll and I told him I’d get his shots developed ASAP as he was quite excited.

Such a simple camera to operate that even a child can create instant art with minimal instructions necessary, I love it.

written by zakguy on 2010-12-01 #gear #review #pop9 #multi-lens #user-review


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    I love my pop 9 too...

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