Mariinha's House

Mariinha’s house is in Milho Verde (green corn in English) it is surrounded by mountains and in front, there are two palm trees, a chestnut tree, and a little church. Whenever you’re there you forget all about the bad things, just swim at the waterfalls, and eat food prepared using a wood-burning stove.

Milho Verde is located between Diamantina e Serro. It is a place where time seems to stand still. The simplicity and beauty of the place makes one wonder why people still choose to live in big cities.

Mariinha, who can’t be fooled, never considered such a choice, she was born there and she’ll never leave. Who wants to trade tranquility for chaos, a tree shadow for traffic from hell, picking fruits from trees for buying at the supermarket? I guess you’d be insane to trade something so ideal. However, not all people have Mariinha’s luck, so what’s left for us to do is to just schedule trips every now and then to this lovely getaway to relieve ourselves from stress. But why is this place named Milho Verde? Mariinha told me that it was because of some travelers passing by. They were hungry and stopped at a little old man’s house and corn was all he had to offer them.

This was only one of the stories she told me. If you too want to start up a conversation with the cordial inhabitants of this place, prepare yourself to be amazed by the funniest and most interesting stories ever and if you’re lucky you may get invited to have lunch where you can enjoy all the best regional dishes that were cooked using a wood-burning stove. Still not enough to entice you for a visit? There’s also a waterfall, Moinho, Piolho, Carijó, Lajeado, Baú, Arco-íris, Ausente, Campo Alegre, Macacos and Canela.
So? Are you still in front of the computer?

written by -fdd- on 2010-12-05 #places #waterfall #location #minas-gerais #travel-tips #milho-verde #weekend-escapes
translated by fergiesilva

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