Stack the Horizon Shots!


The Horizon gives a really wide view. Why not line the shots up vertically and get a wider one!

I’ve been thinking of new ways of using the Horizon.

An idea strucked me that I can get an even wider view by putting several horizon shots together, vertically!

Here it is!

Simple Steps

1) Visually divide your scene into parts (the number of shots you wanna stack)

2) Try to find prominent object/lines/reference/datum as the frame of your shot

3) Fire off those Horizon! (don’t forget to meter!)

4) Get your film developed, scanned and nicely put them together in any photo editing software!

Easy! Try doing it for vertical shots too!

written by weihsuan on 2011-06-03 #gear #tutorials #camera #tipster #vertical #horizon #perfekt #quickie-tipster #stack


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