Fukuoka Airport, Japan


Fukuoka is located in western Japan; due to its proximity to Korea as well as China, Fukuoka is positioned to become the next tourism and trade hub in Asia. This airport is also considered to be the “gateway to Asia”, but if you’re just spending a lazy afternoon, no need to go inside, just look for a comfy spot near Fukuoka Airport and instantly get an amazing view of the planes that are departing – and landing in the busy airport.

I strongly recommend that you take time to shoot from the hip at the Fukuoka Airport if you happen to drop by this city. Aside from planes, planes, and even more planes, you will always find people stopping by with their cars or motorcycles and just looking up to see, what else, airplanes!

When you are looking at the airplane from a distance, it seems to be approaching so slowly. However, once it gets just above you, you realize how fast the airplane is traveling. I was a bit unsure if a 1/250 shutter speed would be enough to capture this airplane flying over me but I was able to take a photo.

At this airport, you are able to see an airplane either landing or departing every 5-10 minutes, so if you are not happy with the first photo that you took there are many more opportunities to get it right.

Taking photos of landing airplanes is recommended if you want to take close ups and capture a more detailed and full view of the airplane. But depending on the direction of the wind, they change the way the airplanes depart and land so do be aware of that. You might be able to take photos of cute propeller planes there too.

It is highly recommended to take photos of airplanes with cosmoses during September and October.

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    From the title, I knew it was you ! Fantastic shots !

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