GLOW Eindhoven 2010: A Photographer's Dream


Imagine a walk through downtown Eindhoven at night, killing half an hour to get to the cinema. Suddenly, you see light being projected from one end of the market square to the other and vice versa. Words were being projected on the ground and on buildings. Abstract shapes being projected over people – everything. When I looked down, I felt the ever-ready LC-A+ in my hands, which means there’s only one thing to do now: SHOOT!

Credits: kamiraze

To give you some background information: Eindhoven in the Netherlands is known as the “City of Light”. Probably mainly because Philips has it’s HQ there. Philips is well-known in developing and producing, well, almost anything that can give light. However, Philips doesn’t have much to do with GLOW, it’s just one of the main sponsors.

GLOW is an annual light festival and this year’s theme was “(Re-)Discovering Eindhoven”. It consisted of several art projects involving light all over the city centre. The big lighted 28 meter high arc/pathway was the most impressive project for me. A lot of projectors where used on churches, on the town hall, on big buildings. It just gave the city a surreal look for a couple of hours in the evening for eight days.

The next shots were taken with my Asahi Pentax K2:

Credits: kamiraze

Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time. But the next day my mom told me that she wanted to go and see what it was all about, since it was just a mere 20 kilometers away. I convinced my dad to come along with his Nikon D90. I took my old faithful “Mother” (my LC-A+) and my Asahi Pentax K2. There were 20 GLOW projects in a nice route and 13 GLOW side events. The route starts and ends at the GLOW Café.

Once again, we didn’t have much time. With the “be fast” rule in my head I started walking round, looking for angles, looking for special lighting, looking for possibilities, looking for anything that would catch my eye. I quickly realized how much the K2 slowed me down. In the time it took me to take one picture I would have taken four pictures with my LC-A+. And still the pictures taken by “Mother” looked better, funkier, boasts of more color and are generally more special. It was very hard to get a decent focus when it is “dark”, while I blindly trusted the focus of the LC-A+.

The next shots were taken with “Mother” LC-A+

Credits: kamiraze

The word photography basically means drawing with light. In my opinion, other people have drawn art with light, I was just there to document. And, well, actually also draw with “Mother”. Last year I did notice some advertising but never found out what it really was. This year, with my newly acquired Lomo-eye, I stumbled upon it. The whole atmosphere was amazing that even a couple of spots there turned out to have a movie-like feel with background music.

Next year, I’ll be ready for it! Will you be there to? Feel free to bring a tripod, you won’t be the only one ;)

Extra info: (favorite this ;P)

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Stunning shots from a really dreamy place !

  2. yarah
    yarah ·

    wow!!! great shots!! too bad I missed it, strange i didn't know about this (well, heard about it once, believe you wrote it me in a message one time???) but didn't know it was something like this! I will definitely go next year!
    And now serious request in Eindhoven... i'm listening to the radio right now...

  3. odjur
    odjur ·

    I've been there, I almost live in Eindhoven so I 've seen it and it was so beautiful! Unfortunately it was very hard to capture on film... In real life it was even prettier! I like especially your double exposures very much though :3

  4. lucide
    lucide ·

    Glow was fantastic this year, to bad i don't have photo's of it. You have some cool ones :)

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