Dubai Festival City Marina


Living in Dubai has its ups and downs, while the malls will always be every shopaholic’s paradise, it can get tiring too. In search of new things to do, I soon found myself…at another mall. This time, at the Dubai Festival City. Thankfully, aside from the usual shops, it also has a lovely promenade and marina where you can see the yachts of the rich and famous.

After living in Dubai for a while I was diagnosed with what the locals call as “Acute Mall Fatigue”. I searched for the cure far and wide wherein most of my searches resulted to dust (pun intended). Having been to several places, I’m so glad I found this location.

Credits: pushkar

Dubai Festival City is another mall among hundreds of other shopping malls in Dubai, a city where you can make a lot of money and spend it all in a snap just like in Singapore where shopping is our favorite national pastime. During the summer when the temperatures can reach 50 degrees, the malls serve as a cool refuge against the heat.

But Dubai Festival City is no ordinary mall as it is situated on a glorious location. Part of this mall is a lovely promenade and has a marina for the luxury yachts of Dubai’s rich (and i mean RICH) and famous.

Credits: pushkar

No matter how much money you make, one look at this marina and the yachts will make you realize that you still have a loooong way to go to get to where they are.
It’s a beautiful location where you can enjoy long lunches and sip a cup or two of coffee at one of the many restaurants while enjoying the view. It definitely makes for a much needed break after your tiring shopping spree.

It’s more enjoyable to walk around in Dubai during the winter (yes, we do experience a very nice winter season for about four months). But back to Dubai Festival City, at one end of the mall you will find a small carnival where you can enjoy different rides. The carnival makes a great location for some slow shutter or “B” mode lomographs, which you may opt to do when you visit the marina.

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  1. plastictramp
    plastictramp ·

    You are right, Festival City is one of the loveliest malls. I really loved your photos. As Dubai has a futuristic look, I've always thought it was impossible to shoot photos you have.

  2. pushkar
    pushkar ·

    Thank you for ur kind words

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