With the same general idea of my tape frames, I’ve thought of some new ideas that I’d like to share with all of you!

First is the Burn frame; very simple, you’ll need thick paper, a lighter, tape, and your photo.

Tape your photo in the middle, leaving over an inch of paper frame. Take the lighter and wave it along the edges of the paper.

You may have to hold it to the paper for a few seconds before it catches. Once it lights onto the paper, let it wander for a second then blow it out quickly. Be careful not to burn yourself!

Go along the entire border and burn the edges. Holding the flame in the middle of the papers can create holes that look really cool.

After you’re sure that all the hotness of the fire is gone, tape it up.

Second is the Fruit Blot frame; you’ll need paper towels, various colored fruit (or water color), scissors, wide tape, and of course, your photo.

For my frame, I chose to use a pomegranate and a tangerine.

(The tangerine was really light, citrus doesn’t work very well.)

Take your fruit and squish/blot/mash/beat/roll it into the paper towel till the colors are all over it.

Before the next step, it’s best to dry out your paper towel via fan, heat, blow dryer etc.
Then, tape your photo where you want it to be based on the fruit blot pattern you made.

Flip it over and put large pieces of tape, making it about an inch or half an inch larger than the photo itself. Cut around the tape and leave the excess on the side.

Tape the corners to the wall, since the paper towel is flimsy. And there ya have it!

Third is the Twiggy frame; you’ll need thin branches (preferably straight), your photo, and strong tape.

Take the branches and lay them alongside the photo and try to match the lengths up.

After you’ve broken off unwanted pieces, add a twig to one side and use a small piece of tape to secure it to the photo.

If your twigs overlap, leave them long and tape them over each other to make the corners of the frame.

Make sure to put tape EVERYWHERE, or the branches will fall off, behind your bed like mine did.

After connecting all the branches securely, tape it to the wall and admire your work!

Hopefully I’ve inspired some new ideas :)

written by natalieerachel on 2010-11-26 #gear #tutorials #tutorial #tipster #decoration #handicraft #twigs-frames-tape


  1. coldkennels
    coldkennels ·

    That twig/branch one is AWESOME. Now if only I had some decent-sized prints...

  2. fookshit
    fookshit ·

    lovely twigs as frame/borders! it's very 'mori-lomo" .. great!

  3. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    Thanks guys! :)

    My twig one is falling a bit, I might have to get more twigs.

    I have a couple more frame tipsters coming!

  4. mandashitley
    mandashitley ·

    I like the twig.

  5. beni
    beni ·


  6. veantunes
    veantunes ·

    If the tape doesn't hold the twigs so well, you can try using a string to tie them together, like this:

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