Supah Fuji!


About a month ago, it was my first experience with an analogue camera and Fuji 120 film; and it was a good one. This film has a natural feel, but colors can explode from your photos if you let it.

My roll of Fuji Pro came with the Holga 120 CFN that my friend had bought for me from Japan. I had ever seen 120 film in my life before that day (but I figured out that it’s actually really simple.)

It was also my first time trying out multiple exposures as well, but I fired away! The color splash from my Holga definitely added to the colors:

….but the ones without flash have brilliant colors too.

My only annoyance with the film was that most photo developers did not have the equipment to develop the film. I also don’t have my own dark room or chemicals, so I couldn’t do it myself. I ended up waiting for three weeks for it to come back from the Fuji lab. But the wait was worth it! I love my photos, I love my Holga, and I love Fuji Pro!

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  1. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    Woww, I wrote this in late October. I never thought it'd get published, hahaha.

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