My Analogue Obsessions: Paving Stones

For someone loving to walk, observing the ground and its details is mandatory, over all if those nostalgic details are searched for shooting. Paving stones are part of it.

Some years ago, thanks to a friend lomograph (inhabitant of the beautiful Valparaiso city), a slight interest on grounds started to grow. The different paving stones that are typical from that city had been resulted in many questions for her, and I … thanks to my interest on the historic heritage, the architecture and the city, got focused on answer them.

Different shapes and sizes, rectangular, square or irregular, different stones giving so many tones and allowing spectacular designs… all that started filling in my retina and the lens of my camera across my trips.

In this way, I decided to live in Seville, where I could appreciate them. At most in the historic centre, that’s why I loved the street where I lived and I took many photos from it.

Then I passed by Portugal, where the designs, with smaller stones in whitish and black colors, made each street different from the next to it. I was lucky enough to have a friend at that very moment at Brazil, so I asked him to bring me a “souvenir”, with which I could compare with mine, and thanks to the photos it was actually obvious the heritage in the manufacture of these little pieces, giving ease to the designs and adjusting better to the slopes.

They are everywhere and there to find them, and why not? To mix them with other obsessions as las bicis (bikes).


written by nina_ska on 2011-05-20 #lifestyle #streets #stones #ground #walk #paving #obsessions #nostalgy
translated by nacarilegea

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