LomoAmigo Neil Gaiman Interview Rumble


The master of the Dreaming, Neil Gaiman, is one of the most popular LomoAmigos to date and we’re more than excited to announce that we’re doing another interview with him! But we don’t want to hog all the glory so we’re giving you a chance to ask the critically acclaimed author what you want!

Neil Gaiman, the brains behind Sandman and Coraline, is one of the most influential writers of our time and we’ve been blessed to have been given the chance to interview him and add him to our team of LomoAmigos!

As luck would have it, we have the chance to do an interview with him again! There are so many questions that we’re sure you want to ask him so we’re opening the floor to you guys! Put the question (just one!) that you want to ask right here in the comments and the top ten queries will be answered by the Dreamweaver himself! If that wasn’t enough, 5 Piggies will be awarded to the winners as well!

Choose your questions wisely and good luck everyone!

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  1. niko_fuzzy
    niko_fuzzy ·

    what is your favourite camera of all time?

  2. javihacefotos
    javihacefotos ·

    What is the most explosive combination film / camera that you tried?

  3. ghidini
    ghidini ·

    How do you put yourself, or even better, in which perspective do you put yourself when you're writing?

  4. reneg88
    reneg88 ·

    if you could take one (or five) characteristic traits of Lomography, or lomographic pictures and feature them in your future film (movie), what would these be, and how would they contribute to the film?

  5. coolsigg
    coolsigg ·

    For your last LomoAmigo interview, you shot some rolls on the LCA+. Would you consider publishing a Lomo coffee table book shot using various Lomo cams?

  6. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    If Coraline was a Lomographer, what camera would she probably be using?

  7. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    what is your definition of "Dream" ?

  8. yarnlass
    yarnlass ·

    You often work with Dave McKean, who has often used photography in his comics and as written about the qualities it contributes to the work. I know you are not currently working on comics at the moment, but would you ever consider using/writing in Lomographic photographys in comics in the future?

  9. wilfbiffherb
    wilfbiffherb ·

    would you ever consider doing a comic/graphic novel where each scene is actually a lomography as opposed to something hand drawn?

  10. moomanda
    moomanda ·

    Did you take any lomo photos at your recent wedding? If so what cameras/film did you use.

  11. jerjer
    jerjer ·

    How has lomography creeped in your writing?

  12. ethermoon
    ethermoon ·

    Coraline uses a Leica rangefinder camera in the film. Was this intentional or was Coraline really using a Leica camera in the book?

  13. gelagoo
    gelagoo ·

    Which member of the Endless family would be more likely to be inclined to pick up Lomography and why? :)

  14. aonghas
    aonghas ·

    Have you ever taken a photo (even by accident) that expressed more by itself than you have been able to express in your writing?

  15. stouf
    stouf ·

    Can you prevent your intellect from distorting the memory of a dream you just had ?

  16. libelulasyyo
    libelulasyyo ·

    What would you say to those who believe that lomography is not real photography, It´s only shot? They think we are crazy :-)

  17. squamy
    squamy ·

    Since your first meeting with your LC-A+ has Lomography changed your outlook or the approach to any of your creative projects at all?

  18. dirklancer
    dirklancer ·

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome is this: www.lomography.com/homes/dirklancer/photos/784726 ?

  19. kiwikoh
    kiwikoh ·

    How you feel about lomo addiction?

  20. disdis
    disdis ·

    What motivates you?

  21. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Are you and Terry Pratchett doing any more books together? I love "Good Omens"!

  22. acecaroline
    acecaroline ·

    it's probably the most common but also the most difficult question: what gives you the inspiration to create? or maybe you could give some advice to those who suffer from lack of inspiration

  23. conorrrrrrrrrrrr
    conorrrrrrrrrrrr ·

    would you rather be attacked by a dozen duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck?

  24. bovine
    bovine ·

    What are three "good to know" facts about you? (choose wisely and be creative, which shouldn't be difficult for you!)

    On a side note: I'm very pleased to see that he appreciates Lomography. Neil Gaiman ftw.

  25. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    Black&White OR Colour ? and Why?

  26. bear1973
    bear1973 ·

    I had a dream, a number of months ago where you stole all my ideas and my Fisheye 2 camera. Can you account for this?

  27. megs79
    megs79 ·

    How did you become aquainted with Tori Amos?

  28. mrs_lomo
    mrs_lomo ·

    Which of the "ten golden rules" would you disagree?

  29. toyam
    toyam ·

    Can you tell us a story only using photos?

  30. alehopgm
    alehopgm ·

    Would you like to experiment with the dreams of the blind people? Feeling voices, smells and flavors but dreaming without images...

  31. deprofundis
    deprofundis ·

    Which of your stories would you edit on photoromance format?

  32. aranmanoth
    aranmanoth ·

    Behind every picture there is a story, but not all stories can be shooted. What is the history you've always wanted to shoot and could not yet?

  33. gordie
    gordie ·

    Have your photographs ever influenced your writing? (Landscape, lighting, people in backgrounds etc)

  34. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    To write with film or to photograph with words?

  35. elvismartinezsmith
    elvismartinezsmith ·

    After the LCA what Lomo camera would you like to get in your hands? What do you think about the new ones such as the Spinner 360 or the Sprocket Rocket?

  36. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    I think you are a story teller of the unconventional, yet your appeal is mainstream--everybody likes you. That makes you an anomaly, because you can be of the indie sort, where the unusual rules the imagination, yet still be very popular among people. How does one keep that balance of being successful but never too commercial?

  37. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    what's the one thing you would do, if you were able to do it?

  38. purpletree
    purpletree ·

    am i ever going to see the Death movie before i die?

  39. wonderdude
    wonderdude ·

    What's the last movie you watched?

  40. azzzy
    azzzy ·

    If you could ask lomography.com one question, what would it be?

  41. vtayeh
    vtayeh ·

    After being introduced to Lomography and using the LCA, do you prefer digital or film?

  42. gnarlyleech
    gnarlyleech ·

    What analogue camera would your father use to take pictures with?

  43. boredbone
    boredbone ·

    do you think piggy points should have an expiration date?

  44. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    Let's say one morning, you discover your cat actually used a Lomo camera while prowling the streets the previous night. What type of Lomo camera might that be?

  45. ipdegirl
    ipdegirl ·

    The Beatles or Elvis?

  46. mune316
    mune316 ·

    hi, would like to ask, how you think about 10 rule of lomography?

  47. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    How do you get through writer's block?

  48. takeaphotoitlllastlonger
    takeaphotoitlllastlonger ·

    If you were to give your l-ca to any of the Endless, who would you give it to and why?

  49. dogma
    dogma ·

    If some day you would meet a LomoGod, what would you ask him for?

  50. vandal
    vandal ·

    do you think smoking weed boost's your ideea's when shooting photo's ?

  51. kvboyle
    kvboyle ·

    What makes you reach for your camera and take a picture?

  52. bccbarbosa
    bccbarbosa ·

    If you could choose to be one analog/lomographic camera which one would suit your personality best and why?

  53. chaoticsense
    chaoticsense ·

    On a scale from 1 to 10, how awesome is this funny monkey?

  54. skyfish
    skyfish ·

    if you could write a story about lomo cameras, how would you want the plot to be? characters?

  55. ghidini
    ghidini ·

    If you and Dave would shoot Violent Cases with an analog camera, wich one should ti be?

  56. bravopires
    bravopires ·

    Who the hell are you anyway?

  57. novakmisi
    novakmisi ·

    What you said for a combination of photo and painting, is it a experiment challenge for you ?See the link of novakmisi ... www.lomography.com/homes/novakmisi/albums/1655182-zero-phot…

  58. nina_ska
    nina_ska ·

    Where would you like to travel with your Lomo camera?

  59. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    what did you have for breakfast before this interview....?

  60. erinwoodgatesphotography
    erinwoodgatesphotography ·

    What camera would you throw at a bear?

  61. saeledbetts
    saeledbetts ·

    Has there ever been one of your photographs that inspired a story? Which?

  62. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    Why analog?

  63. annon
    annon ·

    what would the world become without lomography?

  64. 1minute1second
    1minute1second ·

    What's the coolest shot you've taken with a lomography camera and was there a time you didn't have your camera with you when you saw a great shot opportunity?

  65. shiroweng
    shiroweng ·

    Do you have any novels , film or screenwriting about lomography or analogue photography in the future ?

  66. gnetiew
    gnetiew ·

    what would your world be without any analog?

  67. donski_chan
    donski_chan ·

    When are you ever going to write a sequel to Neverwhere?? I absolutely love that book! I will even design the book cover for you (using analogue photos of course), completely free of charge! ;)
    P.s. can I have your autograph? No, really!

  68. brettac
    brettac ·

    What is the dream shot that you strive to achieve with your photography?

  69. lovelomography
    lovelomography ·

    What is one advice of life that you'd give to our generation?

  70. nikkaxxx
    nikkaxxx ·

    Do you remember your first Lomo pic and How it was?? (I call this moment your "Like a Virgin"!!) :D

  71. andredimu
    andredimu ·

    What's yout first lomo-click?

  72. naqi
    naqi ·

    do you like to be interviewed?

  73. naqi
    naqi ·

    do you like to be interviewed?

  74. spottie
    spottie ·

    Is there a certain place that helps you to imagine/think and is always a source of interest for ideas (and photos!)?

  75. azabanana
    azabanana ·

    Who is your bestest friend in the whole wide world?

  76. clar_k
    clar_k ·

    how could you imagine stuff so scary that it becomes really good?

  77. jhamiefloatie
    jhamiefloatie ·

    How do you feel about Lomography and the analogue lifestyle being an ongoing trend?

  78. leeemur
    leeemur ·

    Do you incorporate lomography and writing? If so, how?

  79. lemonjuice
    lemonjuice ·

    What do you know about Romania?

  80. shaby
    shaby ·

    How does lomography and in general photography affect your work?

  81. isabelbatteria
    isabelbatteria ·

    I ran into Neil Gaiman in New York in September. I went to NY to attend the New Yorker Festival, and so did he. So I saw him at St. Mark's Bookstore. A friend of mine was absolutely starstruck and managed to ask him, "Are you Neil Gaiman?" He said, with an easy smile, "Yes." My friend said, "I am a great fan. Than you so much for your work." I took a couple of Hipstamatic shots of his back; that's all I could do. I was not as bold as my friend. I wish I could go back in time and invite him to an analogue photo shoot (I had enough cameras in my purse to furnish him and I).

    So my question would just be an invitation.

    If he ever came to Puerto Rico, in the unlikely event he would want a photographic tour/safari with a local, I would be more than honored to be the guide.

  82. realmustache
    realmustache ·

    given the opportunity, how would you design a diana+ clone to reflect your personality and life's work?

  83. amiee
    amiee ·

    do you like bananas in the morning?

  84. maneke
    maneke ·

    * when, how and where?
    [perhaps, perhaps, perhaps?]

  85. whiteranger
    whiteranger ·

    In what ways has Photography affected your life?

  86. chefettebiz
    chefettebiz ·

    Have any photographs you've taken ever inspired your writing or helped you through writer's block?

  87. filby
    filby ·

    There are superstitions suggesting that photos steal part of the subjects soul. If you secretly knew that this was true, would you take more or less photos?

  88. panpriatel
    panpriatel ·

    What will you choose? Taking pictures in your dreams or writing books in your dreams?
    I mean would you like to wake up and discover that you've shoot all your roll of film in dream or find yourself coverd with notes that you've written wile dreaming.
    I hope this still counts as one question.

  89. lomollete
    lomollete ·

    Why do you think photography is important (or do you think photography is important?)?

  90. mightymouse
    mightymouse ·

    What is the crazy, random, and/or most memorable photography moment you have ever encountered?

  91. obeyourdream
    obeyourdream ·

    Why are you so dreamy/ Why are you so much into dreaming?

  92. aziluz
    aziluz ·

    since what age you have interest in what are you doing right now?

  93. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Will a movie of "Good Omens" be made? Do you have a Lomohome? Do you think a photo might add a bit of imortality to the souls of both photographer and subject?

  94. marshall4480
    marshall4480 ·

    Do you see any similarities between your writing and your photography?

  95. idigtulsa
    idigtulsa ·

    Dear Mr. Dreamweaver....Briefly describe your last lucid dream, and how it effected you once you awoke.

  96. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    Assuming the answer is not 39, what is the meaning of life?

  97. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    well, or 42, what I meant is, assuming it's not a number...

  98. rodrigoalmeida
    rodrigoalmeida ·

    Which photo you would never take?

  99. ricah_018
    ricah_018 ·

    Because us lomographers need someone as cool and creative as you to quote so we can proclaim this fact, how would you say that analog is better than digital?

  100. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    What was the most dangerous picture you took?

  101. mrmonsta
    mrmonsta ·

    Can you remember the very first time you used a camera? or the first photograph you took?

  102. deluxe666
    deluxe666 ·

    Would you want a stitched doll of your own? even if you had to reak the consequences...

  103. mallorynox
    mallorynox ·

    How are you?:)

  104. shazia
    shazia ·

    Is Miss Palmer also into lomography? If you had to buy her just one lomo camera, which one would it be?

  105. mandashitley
    mandashitley ·

    Do you have any plans to continue your Sandman graphic novels?

  106. oceros
    oceros ·

    What cameras would Croup and Vandemar use? How about other characters?

  107. bmrawli
    bmrawli ·

    Would you consider shooting a short stop motion film with a lomographic camera. I have seen some amazing surrealist claymation pieces on youtube using old super 8 black and white and i think that a stop motion movie utilizing the image quality of say the LCA might turn out incredible. Or prove to be too difficult, one or the other

  108. idigtulsa
    idigtulsa ·

    Tell us more about Christopher Price's plan to produce a 3-D short story based on your book "The Price"! Are you wildly impressed with the support that he (and YOUR story) has received on Kickstarter?

  109. blue-dog
    blue-dog ·

    Favorite view: Birds eye view, childs eye view or bugs eye view?

  110. nazicole
    nazicole ·

    what's his lomo username!!! I wanna follow him! : D

  111. nazicole
    nazicole ·

    what's his lomo username!!! I wanna follow him! : D

  112. nazicole
    nazicole ·

    what's his lomo username!!! I wanna follow him! : D

  113. nazicole
    nazicole ·

    what's his lomo username!!! I wanna follow him! : D

  114. antybazar
    antybazar ·

    If you're a lomo camera, what kind of Lomo will u be?

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