Last Chance - Rip Curl Competition: Stage 2!

Have you been channeling your inner rebel the past few weeks? You should have been, and if not, now’s the best time to start as the Rip Curl Competition: Stage 2 is just about to end. Ride in the last wave!

Photo by: bxlomo

No matter how reserved you are, there are times that we just want to let go, scream aloud and go for the gusto! Embrace your inner wild child and do something crazy, something you’ve never done before. Who knows, you might just like it and discover a whole new side to your self! The perfect avenue to channel these pent up emotions would be the Rip Curl Competition Stage 2!

Don’t sit on your laurels though. Stage 2 of the competition ends on December 5. There’s only a couple of days left to enter so act fast!

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