Dealing with Snap-happy Kids


How to keep them little buggers from wasting your precious film? Multiple-exposure trickery!

This is just a quick tip, and may not be accessible to all cameras. Just letting you be aware of one great use for that multiple exposure switch on your camera.

Toy cameras, being the toys that they are are instantly appealing to kids. No shocker there. Unless you’ve lectured your kid on the value of a precious roll of film, taught him/her how to get at least a half even a quarter decent photo or your kid has a natural talent in photography, what you’re gonna get is shot after shot of the same thing.

I learned this trick when I once photographed my friend’s son, simply because he was a cute little thing. He got interested in my camera because of the colored flash and took it from me and snapped and snapped at me. But my camera was loaded with some of my precious film! and I am not keen on being photographed!

Just flip the multiple exposure switch whenever the kid demands he be able to press the shutter button and want to see some colored flash. Easy! Film wastage can go down to just one single frame.

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  1. myloveletter
    myloveletter ·

    a tipster i can definitely relate to!

  2. srmarcus
    srmarcus ·

    Ja,ja,ja....Good Tip. My son, takes my Diana Mini, and shoot two, three or four times in the same frame!
    Another tip is that some times I give him a camera loaded with film. He shoots all the film and then I rewind it and load in another camera that I shoot . It's a film swap with my son!

  3. olen
    olen ·

    haha! my wife tells my daughter: "Stop! That's your Daddy's toy!"

  4. zufolare
    zufolare ·

    I tried this with a friends daughters, unfortunately they saw me winding the back. They wound until the film snapped, not only were my pictures wasted but so was my new roll. I think I'm just going to carry a backup, empty camera to give the kids something to play with.

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