The Old Town


Just like entering a time machine and traveling back to the good ‘ol days when “horsepower” literally meant horse power and tobacco was bought by the inch at the tobacconist’s, Den Gamle By in Denmark surely makes for one interesting Lomo Location!

“Den Gamle By” (The Old Town) in Aarhus, Denmark is an open-air museum which put focus on urban history. It actually consists of 75 historical houses from all over Denmark. All these houses were taken apart and were rebuilt on location brick by brick! Going there feels like having been through a history book, except that you’re not really reading it but more on experiencing and having all these things right in front of your eyes!

The whole area was rebuilt to look like different periods of Danish history and features all kinds of workshops and stores. You will even get to meet people and characters from the 1600s all the way up to the 1970s.
There’s the town priest, who might provide you with some spiritual guidance, or you can go inside a house from the 17th century and pay a visit to the kitchen maid or have a taste of cakes that were baked using ancient recipes!

You will experience how everyday life was like in this part of Europe through the different periods that are featured as well as see how different society was back then. It’s just like entering a time machine and traveling back to the good ‘ol days when “horsepower” literally meant horse power and tobacco can be bought by the inch at the tobacconist’s! You can even visit a camera store from the 1970s and perhaps see your own camera’s siblings in the shop window! Actually, the camera I brought was older than most of the cameras on display! (Yashica 635 from the 1950s) :)

“The Old Town” is a place where you can easily spend a whole day in (and a whole bunch of film rolls!). And if you’re lucky enough to come at a time when there aren’t too many tourists around, you will be able to take some great pictures that will look as if they where taken a hundred years ago. Another activity that you might enjoy is going for a ride on a horse-drawn carriage, or you can just stroll around and visit the different workshops along the way such as the blacksmith’s, the bakery, the brewery etc.

It’s best to visit “The Old Town” during the summer or at Christmastime when the whole place exudes the good ’ol Christmas spirit! This place is really interesting, especially if you see it through an analogue camera – vintage, plastic or even both.

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Cool place and shots! :)

  2. lomoteddy
    lomoteddy ·

    very cool, i wonder if they will every publish one i wrote... long ago..

  3. photomonk
    photomonk ·

    Really cool looking shots and interesting place. Makes me want to go there.

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