Sprocket Rocket - Double Panorama


Sprocket Rocket shoots “extra-wide angle” panorama with the width of two 3:2 photos, which is really wide indeed. Yet you must encounter some occasions one day that even this amazing rocket is not enough, then you need to “double” the panorama!

How to “double” the panorama? Simply, shoot two photos! “Stitch up” with Photoshop is a solution but it is the best if it could be made in one shot! One attractive feature of Sprocket Rocket is to wind and rewind the film any time. I need to utilize it in this quickie tipster. Basically there is only one key step! Here are some reminders, so that you could make a more “well-blended” double panorama.

  • Pick an object to be the centre. (e.g. building, pillar) Shoot the first image on the left-hand-side. Place the centre object on the right of the frame. Use your fingertip to mark the level of horizon. Hold it.
  • Key Step! Wind. When you see the white dot, rewind a bit until you can’t see the white dot.
  • Shoot the second image on the right-hand-side. Place the centre object on the left. Refer to the fingertip for horizon level.
  • Finish! Wind until you see the white dot again. Then continue shooting as normal.

The double panorama will be in approximately 140mm in width. Some part overlaps, which compensates the darker part on both sides. That centre object is distorted in shape, yet it could not be a problem unless it is your boy friend / girl friend. The merging would not be perfect, but I enjoy the fun of these extra long photos!

When developing the roll with “double panorama”, remember to ask the lab whether they can scan the unusual sized-photos for you, and remind them not to cut your masterpiece accidentally.

If you want to view enlarged photos, please visit my LomoHome album

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    Nice tips.. shall try on my next roll!

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    thank youuuuuuuuuuu!! :) :)

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    Nice tipster!

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    MTR and MongKok, Good !

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    You're a genius! I can't wait to get my sprocket rocket so I can try this out!

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    good one !

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    Cool shots

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    very clever!

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    fantastic shots. gonna try this!

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    this is really cool!

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    great tipster. can't wait to try :-)

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    now i want a sprocket rocket! hahah
    nice pics!

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    Great tip and awesome shots. :)

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    Great idea!

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