Kodak E200 Ektachrome


Kodak Ektachrome 35 mm format!

So far my favorite slide film is the Kodak Ektachrome. I had always bought the 120 format until a couple of weeks ago I ran into a store with Ektachrome ISO 200 35mm. It seems quite difficult to achieve these days as the seller told me.

According to the manufacturer, this is designed for daylight. It mainly offers bright colors with fine grain and good detail of the forms. While another strong point is that it can be forced to ISO 800 without losing its benefits.

As this film was loaded in my camera over a period of a few months, it allowed me to test the film it in two completely different conditions.

The first in a walk around Soria where I enjoyed a great time, lots of light and clear skies for most of the journey.

The second scenario was at the Malvarrosa beach in Valencia, where I found a very cloudy sky.

After seeing the results and comparing the colors, I have found that the colors will be saturated quite well, especially in good light. Although the grain is not as fine as I expected, it is not entirely unpleasant to me. I doubt that if I could force the ISO to 800 without problems such as Kodak says, would require further testing.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and encourage you to share your experiences with the film!

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  1. violet_rayy
    violet_rayy ·

    My fave film too. Even 120 is getting hard to come by :(

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