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An anecdotal story of a girl, who has the unfortunate burden of sharing a name with California’s most-iconic city, her neighbor, and their relationship.

Holly and I were neighbors from fourth grade through eighth grade.

I remember very vividly a conversation between my mother and I when I was eight. We were in her car waiting for Holly so my mother could take us to school and I said to her, “I don’t want to take Holly to school anymore.” My mother inquires. “She’s weird and smells like strawberry lip gloss.” Of course a prepubescent boy would have the mentality that girls were weird because they smelled sweet. Much to my dismay, my mother continued to give her a ride, I continued to feel uncomfortable in her awkward-girlish presence, and Holly continued being herself.

Holly and I would spend the greater part of four years merely exchanging hellos and waving across our apartments. In an ironic turn of events, it wasn’t until I moved across town at the start of high school we began a friendship that, to this day, presents a very-real feeling of kinship. From acquaintance to affinity, we have since spent 11 years sharing inside jokes, secrets, desires, day-to-day lives, and everything else. Now, in college, we live states apart. I miss her dearly and am always eager for our biannual reunion.

written by realmustache on 2010-12-23 #lifestyle #friends-awkward-neighbors-hollywood-kids-school-prepubescent-acquaintance-kinship-reunions-affinity


  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Your story remind me of my neighborhood girl back in my elementary school era. The different is she's my first love (and first kiss =). After ten years we meet again. She turn into God Damn Gorgeous Beautiful Girl. Sadly it's our last meet & we lost contact since =(

  2. realmustache
    realmustache ·

    @hervinsyah that's unfortunate to hear. at least you have your memories of her :) i remember my first kiss like it was yesterday

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