Expand your Tribe: The Pure Joy in Meeting Like-Minded Strangers


The Seattle Lomo Adventure Club has been meeting for over the last several years, quietly hanging out sharing our experiences with our favorite cameras. Over this time we have had roughly the same group of six to eight people who show up sporadically to our scheduled meets. It has been fun… but quiet. Suddenly, for our November Meet we had a crazy influx of new people to our meet and the energy buzzing around was vibrant and electric. It felt as if our entire group had tripled in one night, and yet at the same time it felt like we were meeting dear old friends again.

In 2007 my daughter (Lomographer: trista) and I traveled to London for the Lomo World Congress. At first, this trip was more of excuse to travel together and just have some fun. I really had no expectations for the event , and had only met a couple of other Lomographers over the years if they happened to wander into Seattle for a visit. What we experienced at the event far exceeded anything I could have foreseen. We met Lomographers from over 28 different countries. Every single person I met at this event, no matter where they were from, or if we even spoke the same language, infused me with more pure joy and hope for our small planet than I can convey here.

There were several Lomographers who I had swapped film with, or had at least been “guest-book talking” to over the years that I got to meet in person. But for the most part, we were all complete strangers with a common bond; Lomography and our love of capturing the world around us.

Trista and I came home to Seattle with the desire to continue the feeling that we had in London…running around the city at all times of day and night with the frenzied energy of a “like minded” tribe, intent on experiencing all the city had to offer us.

Since 2007, we have been meeting with a small group of Lomographers here in Seattle on a very sporadic basis. It has been a very fun group, but small, and not the most committed. In an attempt to change this, we decided to hold our meets at a central location and commit to a monthly schedule. My wife and I have an art studio where we hold classes and other community events in Pioneer Square in the heart of Seattle. This seemed like the perfect location, so we put our Lomo Meets on the calender and decided to see what would happen. Notices went up here on lomography.com under “Events”, we made a Facebook Group, and a Flickr group, and I also spread the word at my local film lab.

Our first couple of Meets were good…fun…but again, rather quiet in nature. Then, bam!…November’s meet exploded with new people and the energy reminded me of my time at the Lomo World Congress back in 2007. As I write this, I am tingling with excitement. There is true joy in stepping outside our comfort zone and doing something different. Each of the new people that came to our event had to make the effort to do something new. They had to gamble and venture out into the unknown. I hope it paid off for them as much as it did for me. It truly felt like we were meeting old friends again. Our tribe is growing…and I for one am extremely excited about the new spice it has added back into my life.

Click here for the full album of the SLAC meeting

Please let me know if you are planning a trip to Seattle. Even if there isn’t a “planned” meet, we will gather our tribe and welcome you into our city with analogue cheer.

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Great story and it's so great to have created such a real lomo-tribe! And no doubt, if once I come to Seattle, I'll let you know! :))

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Lucky you... And I'll definitely tell you if I'm around... I DO want to meet you : )

  3. rochellers
    rochellers ·

    I had a great time at my first lomo meet in December and am happy to see that it doesn't look like snow will be keeping me away for tomorrows meet (yay!).

  4. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    This year I hope to make it to one of your awesome meets :)

  5. tracyvmoore
    tracyvmoore ·

    It would be awesome to have you all come to Seattle and hook up for some Lomo fun. Definitely let me know if you're ever in town. We will get the group together for a visiting Lomo Buddy Meet ;)

  6. boogie
    boogie ·

    i would one day go to Seattle all the way from Brunei to meet up with you guys

  7. disdis
    disdis ·

    I think I haven't met almost anyone from the community. Hopefully I'll receive Panelomo soon!

  8. kodisir
    kodisir ·

    I live in Seattle. Is this still a thing?

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