LomoProject #1: Like a Virgin


I have an obsession: it’s your face! Yes!!!… yours, yours and the other. Each expression of surprise is different. Visceral moments has become my little obsession. Today I want to talk about “Like a Virgin.” But not the song.

Credits: nikkaxxx

I´ve acquired a habit that has become a hobby, an obsession. And it happened to me since I bought the Holga CMYK in the LomoStore from Barcelona. Those who know me, They know it. I love your “loss of Lomo-Virginity.” Rather, I love those moments!

As Madonna, in her younger days when jumping on a gondola with her broken boots, I take photos of your surprised faces!! And why not? … Jumping too! :D

Credits: nikkaxxx

It is my favourite Lomo-serie. I feel real love for it. A serie that will never end. There is always someone who has not seen a lomography camera :D.

Like a Virgin is what I call the time that is created when someone has not seen a Lomo cam never. It’s something special – faces, expressions that never again are repeated. Your surprised faces are priceless!. If a Lomography camera is unique, a good “Like a Virgin” will make it doubly unique. You’ll feel like a virgin!. They don´t know what is in front of them and there is only one way they can express it! :O

Credits: nikkaxxx

Gradually I realized that my cameras made a magical effect. I quickly make thousands of pictures with surprised faces. The first was by chance. Later was for pleasure and was looking for it. They were caused without any mercyI Always look for your first reaction! :)

I needed only a succession of steps:
New camera, friends, bag. Consciously I usually hide the camera in my bag. “Come on and see!!…I want to show you a little something” :O :O … click, click!!! There is no contemplation at this time. The aim was to capture any gesture of surprise! I love being bad girl at that time! :P

First was with the Holga. 6 months after the Colorsplash, the Fisheye 2 and now with all cameras that I have.

I started and will not be stopping. So go on. Trying to get pictures where the eyes or mouths open are the premise, is the purpose.

Credits: nikkaxxx

Magic happens the second in which they lose their lomo-virginity and creates a special relationship between both. Then, they will come to you and say: “is it working?”, “is it underwater camera?”, “Can I see the picture?”, “Lomo Lomo …. Lomo, what?” and you will have a funny conversation.

Now I give other meanings about what Like a Virgin is. To me this is not a process, It´s a feeling. So now it is when I opening a new camera. Catch it in your hands. And I have, at last. You look at it…and Click!!! Already you’ve lost your lomo-virginity. Is not a great time? Is the number one. That first time you pressed your button. And then you’ll love it. You have a full life of good Lomography times. But the first time is the first!! After you have to take 36 pics. To think about how you will, if you’re doing well, to develop it, wait ….. and that is the second that It will not ever happen again. See the back n º 1! :D :O

Credits: nikkaxxx

I’ve always been curious to see the first pictures of the Lomographers I know online.

I have a blog where I only speak about Lomography. It is in Spanish. In it I have a project. It’s Like a virgin!. Each lomographer posts its first Lomograph. The first they made with his camera. Then we vote. You can see the winner of the first edition here

We are now in the second edition. :)


Because we were virgins ONCE!….


Kisses XxX

written by nikkaxxx on 2011-04-27 #lifestyle

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  1. zoezo
    zoezo ·

    i cant find the blog but this was my first lomograph! :-)

  2. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    I remember when I was 'touched' for the very first time by Lomo :D ..."Didnt know how lost I was / until I found you hoo hoo.." Hahaha! Nice project!

  3. veato
    veato ·

    My first was from this set (www.lomography.it/homes/veato/albums/1697433-blackpool-high…) but without checked the negs I dont know which specific one. I'm also trying to encourage the girlfriend to lose her lomo virginity.

  4. thewretched
    thewretched ·

    I'm getting my very first rolls developed as i type, so as soon as they are uploaded i will have a look for some surprised faces.

    I'm sure there will be a few of them!

  5. nikkaxxx
    nikkaxxx ·

    Hi all :)

    @zoezo my blog is nikkaxxx.wordpress.com/ and the project Like a Virgin in: nikkaxxx.wordpress.com/lomoproyectos/1er-proyecto-like-a-vi…

    Yo can read it english with google translate. The link is in the right column blog. Google translate is not perfect but... ;)

    I hope soon I can start the 3rd edition of the rumble :D.

    I like you like it :)


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