What's in a Film?


There is a good habit that all analog photographers have … and I don´t have it! I say about a habit that I consider necessary. It´s to know which film you’re using;)

Is It a problem when you upload a photo on Lomography and you’re not sure what to write in “add film”?. Something as simple as this may be a chaos when you want to give details of your lomo or make a review of a particular kind of film.

Well, in this situation I found myself a thousand times. And that happens to me for not writing all the details of film I have in camera. I probably had used too much negatives in many cameras ;).

If you’re like me … I’ll give you a solution if you scan your negatives. Also you can do it “reading” the color negative with a light behind.

This is my film study: I hope to help you…

Surely, you have looked that there are letters and numbers written on negative films. This will give you a clue as what brand and type of film is.

Let’s start with some 35mm films (Color Negative). First I will write what we will read in negative and then, what film is! :D

Kodak 200-8 = Kodak Color Plus 200

Credits: nikkaxxx

Kodak GA 100-7 = Kodak Gold 100

Credits: nikkaxxx

Kodak GC-400 = Kodak Ultra Max 400 (Denominación Antigua)

Credits: nikkaxxx

Kodak GC 400-9 = Kodak Ultra Max 400 (Denominación Nueva)

Credits: nikkaxxx

Fuji S-200 = FujiColor Superia 200

Credits: nikkaxxx

Fuji S-400 = FujiColor Superia X-Tra 400

Credits: nikkaxxx

Fuji Reala = FujiColor Superia Reala

Credits: nikkaxxx

Next episode: Film List # 2.
I hope you have been helpful! And if there is a mistake, comment it and we will be able to learn together!! ;D

I will continue investigating …. For my own good! : P

Lomo On!
Kisses XxX

written by nikkaxxx on 2010-05-23 #gear #tutorials #film #35mm #color-negative #tipster #nikkaxxx #marcas
translated by nikkaxxx

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  1. imakoala
    imakoala ·

    Very useful! I love that you've given some photo examples. I'll be sure to come back to this page before ordering more film (:

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