Testing the new Lomography Redscale XR (50-200 ISO, 120)


The new Lomography Redscale XR (for ‘extended range’) film changes the overall tint of a photo from the classic to a curious red to green color.

In mid-July, I received an email in which Lomography announced the launch of the latest film from the family of Lomography, the new Lomography Redscale XR. The idea appealed to me immediately.

The ‘extended range’ (or extended range of ISO) means that the film can be exposed with the camera from ISO 50 to 200. Depending on how you’ll underexposed the film (shot with a higher ISO) or overexpose (with a lower ISO value), the color you will get in the picture is completely different: red or green. You have to try it!

The only difficulty is that my Diana F+ has no ISO setting, so I would try to experiment.

At first, it was clear that my intention was to burn all the photos. I’ve never been a fan of Redscale, because I think it can get a bit tiresome. So I opened up the aperture to the best of my Diana (cloudy mode). Playing with different time exposures, I tried to burn about every photo. I thought most of the photos would come out with that greenish tint, but I was wrong.

If we reference the times that it usually takes to shoot a roll of ISO 200 or ISO 100, for a regular pinhole, at ISO 50 our Diana has to double or quadruple the exposure time.

Many of the photos from the reel had exposure times of one second or more. It is true that some came out as expected but, as you can see, most came in redscale pure and simple.

So you know. If you test this film with your Diana, do not be afraid to leave your finger on the trigger for a little longer.

In conclusion: a very interesting film that I’m using for the next roll. Unleash your creativity with each picture. It has the advantage that makes it really hard to lose a photo when dodging and has managed to stop the Redscale craze!

You have to try it!

written by vgzalez on 2011-03-05 #gear #120 #review #redscale #square #range #burned #extended #lomography #underexpose #xr #user-review
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  1. tammyislove
    tammyislove ·

    Please forgive me for my amateur questions but when taking pictures, the 50iso should turn out greenish and the 200iso should turn out red, right? or how exactly does it work? im a little confused. I kept the lens open for 10 sec on my diana f+ on the cloudy setting on a picture i took inside..is that too long?

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